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Hi fellow bird lovers and peeps from all walks of life! I decided to start this blog and share with all of you the joys of owning a lovebird.

I have  been an animal lover since I was a toddler. My first word was not MAMA or DADA but instead KIT-TEE as I pointed to the pet cat we had named Twinkle.

One afternoon my neighbor stopped by the house and asked  if I wanted to care for a baby bird who had fallen from his nest and was in need of some special attention. They were going on vacation and couldn’t take him along, so I opted YES of course and named the little sparrow “Jake”.

I fed him watered down pieces of bread and nursed him intently as he became stronger and yet more reliant on me. I taught him to fly in my backyard by running with him hanging off of my index finger while he flapped his wings frantically.

Eventually he got the hang of it and started flying around, only to land back on my shoulder-we practiced this exercise for weeks until he built up his strength.

He became more wild as the days grew on and eventually flew away one afternoon.  I was sad,  but my intent was to make him self-sufficient. Well the  very next morning at 5am, my brother was pounding on my door yelling “Your bird is out there!”

I walked to the front door to look down and see little Jake standing on the welcome mat with his mouth wide open. I was his mommy no matter what!

Fast forwarding ahead, my love for animals has never ceased…

My wish is to connect future lovebird owners and current lovebird owners with great tips and resources for the best food, supplies and general knowlege of these adorable birds and provide them with the best care possible.

Any questions or comments feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

All the best,



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  1. What a wonderful post you have here! You’ve put together so much information … I will definitely be referencing this website should I ever decide to adopt a love bird into my family. Thank you for your efforts here!

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