Aviculture is the fancy term for the hobby of keeping pet birds (Class Aves) in captivity. In some cases an aviculturist could merely be keeping one companion bird, or perhaps an aviculturist is breeding birds for profit. The name still applies to all levels of domestic bird care and ownership using a controlled environment.

Aviculture should not be confused with the hobby of bird-watching, however. That is a hobby that consists of observing and studying birds in the wild from afar. If you own a companion bird, you are automatically an Aviculturist.


Among the hobby of keeping birds are several sub-cultures within the hobby itself. For instance, Psittaculture is the specific hobby of keeping parrots. Canariculturists only keep and/ or breed canaries.

Not only do Aviculturists keep domestic birds as pets, but some focus on the preservation of certain endagered species in the wild in hopes that they will not become extinct.

Many aviculturists provide ongoing education for certain species of birds along with research on the behavioral patterns of some of these species. Of course, many are breeders for profit in the pet trade.



There are several Avicultural societies around the globe including the Avicultural Society of America that was founded in 1927. These societies tend to be more prevelent in the USA,  Europe and Australia.

Most of these societies are non- profit organizations with a mission to nuture the hobby and provide educational information through periodicals like magazines and newsletters.

So to all the Aviculturists out there, cheers and have a great day!





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2 thoughts on “Aviculture”

  1. You learn something everyday I have never heard the word Aviculture before today.

    I must say I had to read the names for those how keep Parrots and Canaries a couple of times to work out how to pronounce them, and I still don’t know if I did that right.

    1. Yes well the Greek word Psittakos means Parrot hence Psittaculture. I am glad you learned something from the post. I realize my niche is rather obscure but that’s how I roll.
      Thanks for stopping by

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