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These are recommendations of all products and necessities  you will need for a solo or pair of lovebirds. Keep in mind I am NOT a breeder and these recommendations are for pet ownership only.

  • CAGE
  • TOYS
  • FOOD
  • TIME DEVOTED TO YOUR BIRD  (not a product but very important!)




Here you have it folks…. I am recommending all products and supplies needed to own a happy, healthy lovebird. You may certainly purchase any item you want, but I took the guess work out of a lot of the decision-making and the best part is that most of these products are fairly CHEAP! Yes, as in inexpensive because we like cheap here at BIRDSRUS.

For instance, if you are THINKING of owning one of these little cuties…

Here are my:


First off, let me just state that NO cage is really ever going to be big enough for your pet lovie. These are very active, playful birds and they need a lot of exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. Having said that, in reality you will need a cage when you are not home, when the bird is sleeping and obviously various other reasons. Yes, you HAVE to own a cage for your bird.

The minimum size should be no smaller than 18x18x24 inches and bar spacing should be 1/2 inch  x  1/2 inch so that your bird cannot get it’s head stuck between the bars and possibly strangle itself. Yes, it can happen!

I absolutely LOVE antiques so I can understand if you are roaming that flee market or yard sale and find a really cool old-fashioned birdcage that would look stellar in your home.  DON’T BUY IT!  At least not for your bird.

If you want it for decoration purposes be my guest, but there is a strong chance that the metal is toxic to your bird, or the paint could be as well. It is better to not take this chance as your bird will constantly be chewing on the bars of the cage. It’s just what they do….

I prefer the Prevue Hendryx line of birdcages, which can be purchased at most pet store chains like Petco or PetSmart, however I prefer prices. For one thing, if you are a Prime member, many times you can get a discount on top of your lower price item anyway. I am a HUGE fan of Amazon as I have gotten many things on there for nearly free with my rewards.

Prevue Hendryx  are bird-safe in every way, not too expensive and the BEST PART IMO is that they are extremely easy to clean. They have a removable tray that pulls out on the bottom of the cage and really all you need to do is remove the newspaper (or whatever dropping paper you choose) and a slight quick wipe down . Voila!  ….. and your cage is clean for the next few days/or week.

Keep in mind lovebirds actually smell GOOD and rarely do the droppings have an odor, but bacteria can build up and I recommend that you keep up with at least weekly cleaning of your cage. In particular, you want to wipe off any toys or perches  with a bird-safe cleaning product or simply water works just fine.

You can find some great low priced Prevue Hendryx cages right on the internet and there are quite a few different styles to chose from…. just remember not too small!



I recommend that you have some form of small travel cage for your bird mainly for vet visits or bringing him/her to a boarding facility. As I have stated before, I really don’t think you should do a lot of traveling with your lovie because it’s stressful for them, especially if you have a new bird or a skittish one.

Some lovies can become “Velcro birds” as the term implies– that they always want to be near you. If your bird is a Velcro, well use your best judgement. I have seen and heard about owners bringing their birds to work, in the car, etc. but this is an exception and only if you feel that your bird would enjoy it. Most do not! 

Now getting back to the travel cage, I would go with a Prevue Hendrix once again, but this is your call. If you can find a cheaper, safer alternative that’s cool but don’t use a shoe box with holes in it for heaven’s sake unless you are desperate.

You want your lovie to be riding in style don’t you? Just kidding but you will need a decent carrying cage in the event you need to bring him/her to the airport, veterinarian, etc.



As far as toy recommendations, well there are lots of options here. I will say that I have my favorite brands and one of which is PLANET PLEASURES. Most of these are earth friendly natural products made from palm leaves, coconut and bamboo. They are also artisan hand made and especially good for birds that need foraging toys (Most lovebirds do BTW)

You can find them at most Petco and PetSmart locations and specialty bird stores, but again I recommend  for the convenience and low prices. A lot of them come in piñata type hanging foraging palm leaves, but if you are undecided I would start out with the Rainbow Shredders which are just one long braided strip of naturally dyed palm leaves.

I GUARANTEE your lovebird will enjoy them. The best part is that they will last a long time. All you do is cut the strip to the length that you want, and once your birdie rips them apart, just cut another one. One shredder package will last you for months. This will also deter your bird from wanting to chew on wood because honestly, they prefer to chew paper products and palm leaves anyway! Don’t forget it’s natural. If they were back in Africa, chances are high they would be chewing on palm leaves and they naturally love to shred stuff anyway.










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