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I am sure we have all heard that derogatory comment that someone is a “bird brain.” Well it turns out that if someone calls you a bird brain, you should take it as a compliment. After scientific research was done on African Grey parrots and Crows, birds have been proven to be highly intelligent problem solvers.

Dr. Irene Pepperberg has done life-long research on Alex the African Grey parrot and sadly, Alex has passed on, but she continues to work with other African Greys and has come to the scientific conclusion that these birds posses the IQ of a small human child and are capable of excelling at problem solving tasks.


As previously stated, not only are parrots very interactive and playful, but it has been scientifically proven through years of study that these animals are highly intelligent. Dr. Irene Pepperberg conducted a series of studies based on problem solving tasks and experiments that Alex, the African Grey was proven to excel at.

She went on to write a book entitled “Alex and Me” and from what I understand it is a tearjerker as unfortunately Alex passed away and I believe she wrote the book shortly after his death.

After working on a daily basis for many years and doing her research, I am quite sure that she and Alex developed a very strong and special bond. He was featured on shows like Nova and other scientific research and animal focused programs that proved just how intelligent he was.

For more information you can check out the book “Alex and Me” at just be prepared for a sad ending. YouTube also presents a few videos on Dr Irene Pepperberg and Alex working together.

It is well-known in the parrot community that African Greys are the most intelligent parrot that you can own and some posses a vocabulary of well over a thousand words and phrases that they use to form sentences. This is not just mimicking their owner’s speech as many people would believe that a parrot can do.



According to scientific research done on Crows, they have proven to be the most intelligent species of bird and may place in the top 10 intelligent animal species compared with apes and dolphins. After being tested on all types of problem solving puzzles and scientific experiments, these animals have also proven to possess the IQ of a small human child between 3-5 yrs old.

Who would have thunk it?


Being that this site is dedicated to lovebirds, just remember that lovebirds are in the category of Parrots. They are small but still scientifically classified in the Psittaciformes order of Parrot in the Genus Agapornis.

Do not underestimate a lovebird’s intelligence and this is why I stress that you do not want to neglect or abuse these birds. They are highly sensitive and have an excellent capacity for memory.

Known throughout the pet trade as “pocket parrots” don’t let the small size or lack of talking ability fool you. These are still highly intelligent animals and should be treated with the care and respect they deserve.



Keep in mind that even though a bird is small and not as interactive as some dogs and cats, they are very sensitive and smart. This has been proven through years of scientific research and studies, not just an opinion.

Please respect these animals and treat them with as much love and care as any other pet that you would own. They mate for life and are extremely sensitive to abuse and neglect. They love to play and perform tricks to showoff for their owners and feed off the attention that we give them.

They will also keep you laughing!





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12 thoughts on “Bird Brain”

  1. Very informative. My wife and I have been thinking about getting a parrot. We see them on TV and they look so colorful and smart. I wasn’t sure about have to take care of them, but your post really helps me in thinking we can take care of one. thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes it is a serious commitment to own a bird and lot more work than people realize because they need a lot of attention and out of cage time

  2. I love how clean and easy to read your articles are. The paragraphs are short and not boring at all. The picture of the book “Alex and Me” makes the article very attractive to read. One thing I still do not understand and wish you can enlighten me is the meaning of the comment bird brain. I am referring to you first paragraph.

  3. Hi,
    The post is illuminating, I thought it was actually derogatory to use Bird Brain but now my thought has changed. I look forward to having a Bird at home.


  4. I had a great time reading through such a beautiful article “Bird Brain”.
    Who would have thought those words considered as an insult would turn out to be a compliment?
    Well now I know, when told Bird Brain, my response should be a big “Thank you” with a smile.

    And Oh my God, though not a big fan of animals, I must say the story of Alex and the scientists got me emotional.

  5. This is a fun and interesting article, I didn’t know how smart parrots could be and the story of Alex sounds very emotional so I’m going to check it out. Thanks

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