Some great jokes

Hey have you heard this one? What did the dog say when he sat on sandpaper? RUFF RUFF. I have another one for ya. What did the birdie say when he saw his new birdcage? CHEAP! CHEAP!

Okay, I realized those are the lamest jokes on the planet but I wanted to start out on a light note. This article is really about how you can save money on bird ownership and maybe have some FUN with your crafting skills in the process. It’s all about being CHEAP! CHEAP!

Some people would really love to own a bird, but can’t afford it or can barely afford it. Perhaps you are just like me, who always loves a bargain and is a self-proclaimed CHEAPSKATE!

Yes, I feel as sense of euphoria at the end of the day when I know that I have beat the retail rip-off game and have gotten a great bargain in my travels.

There are lots of ways you can save money with aviculture and I am going to list a few that I know. Of course there is a comment section here on my site as well so if you have some ideas I have not covered I would love to hear from you!



One of the best ways to save money on almost any product that is sold, is to replicate the product and make it yourself! Depending on your time restraints or your amount of personal creativity, the sky is the limit.

I personally have quite a few DIY bird supplies that I use. You can refer to my DIY post and I will elaborate here as well. For instance, I was shopping at my favorite bird specialty store, where I bought my Quaker Parrot and found some rather expensive bird play stands.

Now a lot of people will say pet stores are bad places to buy birds. I disagree because if you can find a reputable store that specializes in birds, you are golden.

This particular store had lots of wooden floor standing bird perches that I absolutely love and wanted to buy for my birds. Sadly, they can run anywhere from 250-500 dollars. They did have some used stands for less money and I think it’s great that they do offer this option.

Being cheap, however, I decided that building my own play stand would be more fun and less expensive! A word of caution, however. Always use supplies in your DIY projects that are completely bird safe.

I did my research and learned that some wood is toxic to parrots and others are safe. Make sure you find out what is and what is not. White Birch is safe so that is the wood I chose, plus truth be told, white birch is pretty and goes with the décor in my house!

I then used twine from the Dollar Tree to bind together the branches and created my own bird play stand. You can see it on my DIY post but since then, I have made another perch out of birch as well. My goal is to keep adding to this until I have a large play gym made of birch.

Point being, is that I spent nearly nothing for this perch. The twine cost 1 dollar at the Dollar Tree, the wood was free because I found it hiking and I used a planter that I had around the house to keep the branches standing. So far?

Cost:1 Dollar

Other DIY projects you can try are making your own bird toys from stuff you buy at Dollare Tree. Again, just make sure it’s all bird safe.

Wooden popsicle sticks are a bird favorite. You can dye them with food coloring and string them along with beads and birds love to chew on them. Pinterest have some great DIY bird toy ideas as well so be sure check them out!


Other ways to save is to browse craigslist for used pet supplies, anything from used cages to carrying cases, or birds themselves. I believe most people charge a re-homing fee but it’s usually less than a breeder or specialty bird store.

Adoption facilities are a great option as well. Remember you with be adopting a bird and sometimes there are issues associated with this. Do your research and find out as much as you can about the birds history.

Making your own bird cage cleaning supplies out of water, baking soda and lemon will save you tons when you are cleaning, and let me tell you, with birds you are cleaning ALOT.

Water and vinegar solution is a good option as well. For quick clean-ups I use a water spray bottle and a rag. Viola! clean and non-toxic. You can check out my CLEANLINESS post as well and all about that hoo haa.

I am a huge fan of I am also a Prime Member which means I get discounts on shipping and all kinds of stuff. I believe Amazon sells used items as well. (correct me if I am wrong here).

Amazon also has some of the cheapest prices on any item you need and I love to comparison shop on there. Yes, I use the Amazon Affiliate program on this site, but I am also a member because of the low prices and the convenience. They have never screwed up my order and I highly recommend them. Plus their stock is doing well and I play the market.

My main point here, is I hate to see ANYONE get ripped off and I am a self-proclaimed cheapskate so really I want to see you get the same amount of savings.

I personally love DIY projects but if that is not you, just shop the used items and make sure to fully disinfect everything before letting your bird live in the item or play with it. Health and safety are key here.

Good Luck with your projects, bargain hunting  and until next time Happy Parroting!


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