Well you know the old saying; Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and I could NOT agree more. Some of us have different ideas of what cleanliness means, but I would  like to think you can never be too clean or too neat.

The problem with parrot ownership is that birds are messy. Yes, that’s right and if messes bother you, and you hate cleaning all the time, as in EVERYDAY  you probably should not own a bird.

I certainly don’t mean to sound negative or that I am trying to scare you off. Bird ownership is lots of fun and they are comical little characters, but they love to make messes and I like to keep it real.

Not just the obvious droppings that you have to deal with, but feathers everywhere, especially in molting season. Bird food will be thrown about because they LOVE to play with their food; not to mention  other stuff like shredded paper, toys, cardboard, etc. you get the picture.

Pretty much whatever they can get their little beaks on. But, hey that’s all part of pet ownership, right? AND I am here to tell you there is an upside to all of this as well!

For instance, you can train your bird to go potty in the cage or designated area. Yes, they are intelligent enough to learn potty training. The other huge positive in my opinion, is they that really don’t smell bad. In fact, they smell GOOD.

My birds smell like a combination of walnuts and salted caramel all the time and even the droppings are odorless. When I walk into the room where I keep them I smell walnuts and salted caramel and personally… I love it!


Cleaning Products

It is essential that when you are cleaning your bird’s cage, play area, bird room or any area within the vicinity of your bird, that you use natural, bird-safe products.

As I have talked about before, any harsh or toxic chemicals cannot be used around your bird. Windex, Comet ,straight bleach, basically anything with a strong chemical odor should be avoided. VIP

Pet supply stores will sell bird-safe cleaning products. Most come in either bottle/spray form or wipes. If the product claims to be bird-safe for your pet, generally you can trust it.

Unfortunately, many of these products are pricey so if you want to go the cheap route just use vinegar and water. It will clean your bird cages, perches, play stands, etc. very well and vinegar is safe for your bird.

You CAN use hot soapy water to clean off the perches and cages just be sure to rinse thoroughly with water and leave no soapy residue. I will sometimes soak my perches in hot, slightly soapy water just using an old toothbrush or any other old, soft brush to get into crevices. I then make sure to THOUROUGHLY rinse with hot water and soak the perches in straight, hot water to remove any soap or residue.

For quick clean-ups, just use a spray bottle of plain water and an old rag, wipe clean and you should be fine. Strong, flowery odors and essential oils should avoided as well. Keep things natural and fresh. Vinegar, hot water, baking soda, real lemon juice and bird-safe cleaning supplies should be your only options.



I always keep a broom, dustpan or small, inexpensive vacuum cleaner handy. You absolutely will be vacuuming every day with a bird. There is no way around it.

Within a 6 hr period of time I have seen a room go from clean and tidy to YUK just from feathers, seeds and bird droppings so please remember, you will need a cloth and/or wipes and lots of vacuuming as a result of feathers and bird seed strewn around frequently.

If you are lazy like me and don’t want to run down to the store all the time, just get a bottle sprayer that you would use for your plants, fill it with water and clean your bird stuff as you go.

Water is free last time I checked and if you feel that’s not sanitary enough, add some vinegar to the water, spray down your bird cages, perches and floors using a old rag and voila! A clean and bird-safe non toxic area.

Your other option is to just buy some bird-safe cleaner in the form of sprays or wipes downs. Whatever works for your lifestyle as long as it’s NOT TOXIC! have some bird-safe  products for sale here

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda work really well too for a natural cleaning source if you feel that straight hot water is not enough.

Cheers and until next time….Happy Parroting!

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  1. This is an interesting post and very objective in highlighting the Pros and Cons of keeping birds. It somehow gets me prepared to get a manageable bird in the home.

    Thank you for the information.

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