Cuttlebone and Mineral Block

If you are not aware of the importance of a cuttlebone in your birdcage you should be. Cuttlebone provides the calcium needed for your bird’s optimal health. To be on the safe side, I would provide a cuttlebone and in addition a mineral block as well.


Cuttlebones and mineral blocks can be clipped right on to the side of your bird’s cage and neither is that expensive. While recommended for all lovies, they are especially important for a female lovebird who will naturally develop eggs.

If she does not get the proper balance of calcium and other important vitamins and minerals, she could become egg-bound. This can be very painful and dangerous for your bird and an expensive vet visit would be necessary.

To prevent this and keep your birds in optimal health, please provide a cuttlebone and a mineral block at all times. Your LB will naturally chew on them when they need the extra vitamins. Their bodies just seem to know when to peck at the minerals so there is no need to guide them as long as the blocks are readily available at all times.

Amazon sells both products, and because they are so inexpensive, you can probably purchase them as add-ons.


Higgins Cuttlebone is a great choice. They usually come with up to 5 in a pack and should last you a few months for one bird.


I love things that are pretty so I found a really pretty mineral block in yellow that is shaped like a rose and it fits in with my décor for Lovey’s play area. I notice she chomps on that and the cuttlebone several times per day.

Remember that these are essential items for your bird’s optimal health and should not be overlooked. Don’t worry  because they both are relatively inexpensive, unless you go with the designer mineral block like I did.

 Mineral Block

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