Feeling crafty? If you are anything like me you may feel the urge to craft some fun projects here and there. It can save you money, bring a little joy to your life and give you a great sense of accomplishment.

My favorite part is the fun that it brings to the table. Here are some great ways to save money on your bird supplies by putting your creativity to the test and having a few laughs while you do it.

DIY Bird Toys

There are some Bird Toy kits that you can buy at specialty bird stores or on Amazon that can really get your creative juices flowing. I recently bought the Living World set and made a few cool toys that hang from Lovey’s perch. (For those of you just tuning in, my lovebird’s name is Lovey Howell named after Mrs. Howell from Gilligans Island)


Unfortunately, these bird toy kits don’t come cheap so if you are looking for money-saving projects, I cannot say this is the one, but loads of fun just the same.

For cheap ideas YouTube has some great vids and I would suggest going to the Dollar Tree to pick up your supplies. Just make sure all items are bird-safe including your wood and plastic items.

As we all know, birds love to chew and you wouldn’t want your baby chewing on anything toxic. Food coloring is safe to use on bird-safe wood and colorless twine should be fine for stringing beads. If in doubt, buy human baby toys to string, considering if the plastic is safe for babies, it should be safe for a lovebird

DIY Perches

This idea can really save you a lot of money. Have you seen the price of Java wood bird perches? The large floor perches can run all the way up to 500 dollars. Don’t get me wrong they are gorgeous but that’s a lot of money for a bird perch. Anyway, fear not because you can use branches that you find right in your back yard that will do the same job, if not better.

CAUTION: Make sure the wood is bird safe! Some types of wood are toxic to birds so please check the list carefully.

Having stated that, white birch is safe and because it’s easy to recognize here in New England, I chose this wood to make my perch. All I did was use an old flowering pot filled with soil, stuck the branch into the soil after thoroughly cleaning the wood (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP) and covered the soil with decorative rocks and sea shells. Voila, I have a wooden perch that my bird uses and loves. If you are worried about messes, just put some newspaper under and around the pot.

Many table perches that are sold in bird pet stores with the attached tray at the bottom are expensive. The way I got around this was by purchasing a Grape wood vine separately on Amazon made for a reptile cage and propped it into a glass terrarium vase that I had around the house. I then filled the vase with seashells for support and for visual appeal, and there I had a gorgeous Grape wood vine perch for my table.





It happens to be Lovey’s favorite perch where she sleeps every night. It’s also in front of a mirror and I often wonder if that’s why she likes it so much.

As I have mentioned before, Grape wood vine is excellent for a lovebird grip and healthy for their little feet as well. You can also use Cholla or Manzanita wood (or a bird safe wood from your back yard) Personally I think Java wood is too slippery unless you are willing to wrap twine around your sloping branches for a better grip, but that would be your call.

DIY Bird Bath

Lovebirds like to bathe and you really need some form of a bird bath that is not the water bowl that they drink from. I used the glass lid from a terrarium bowl and flipped it upside down, stuck it in a tumbler glass that I got for free from the last job I had at a liquor store (They were giving them way) and Voila, a beautiful decorative bird bath! MY Lovey uses it 3-4 times per week. For extra decorative qualities I used a turquoise bracelet to line the bottom of the tumbler and I think it looks quite pretty.



Most cages come with plastic food and water bowls that clip onto the side of the cage or perch. I use small decorative glass bowls for my bird since she is never in her cage. Besides, I am an artist/decorator at heart and love pretty fun, creative items around my house. Make sure that your bowls are not toxic or have any sharp edges and please clean them daily. Old ashtrays work well for food and water bowls around your bird room

Plastic is okay, but I prefer glass because your bird can’t chew it up. Just remember no sharp or jagged edges and keep them in a spot that they will not fall from.


Use your creativity because DIY projects can be lots of fun. More importantly, make sure every detail of your project is bird safe all the way down to the type of wood, plastic or twine you are using.

Birds love to chew on stuff so everything needs to be bird-safe and toxic free. No paint, glue or chemicals! Thanks for reading and any questions please feel free to comment below. Lastly, YouTube has some great step by step videos on DIY bird projects to save money and Happy Crafting!






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  1. It is so obvious that you are very close to your Lovey. I think that is wonderful and you are an artist in the way you have designed a place in every room for your feathered friend.
    Lovey is a lucky girl, there are not many people that such good care of their pets.
    Awesome article, I enjoyed it very much.

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