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First of all let me just state that the play stand is of UTMOST importance when owning a lovebird.  As I have mentioned in other posts, I am not a huge advocate  of keeping your birds in cages all day long.

I realize most people work for a living or have to be away from home the better part of the day, but when you ARE  home and have the time to devote to your bird, you should be letting them out of the cage as often as possible. It is healthier for the bird’s mental well-being to feel less trapped in a cage. They simply want to be with you and to be part of the flock . In doing so, they feel happier on the outside of the bars, please trust me on this.

Some and many cages will come with a play stand type of gym for your bird on the top of the cage and that is fine. Once the bird is comfortable with their stand or gym, they will gravitate to that particular spot and favor it. They are creatures of habit very similar to us.

Once your bird is trained, mainly they will listen to you and stay where they are supposed to be. Not always, however (as lovebirds especially) can be bossy and willful particularly if you own a female. Yup  it’s true as I own a female lovie. As long as there are toys, shredders or food near the stand they don’t readily feel the need to look for other perches. This is usually after they have flown around the room to exercise.

Be sure to check out my post concerning  HOW TO BIRD PROOF A ROOM. …it is very important that you do this has some great bird stands made of natural wood (which is much better IMO) than plastic or metal. Remember, you want your bird to feel that they are as close to their natural habitat as possible.

If you happen to purchase a cage that already has a perch/play gym on top that is fine. As stated before, I recommend real wood mainly Manzanita wood, Cholla wood and Grapevine wood (I highly recommend Grapevine wood ) Java wood stands are advertised a lot, and they are excellent for larger parrots but they are super expensive and quite honestly, I think Java wood is too slippery for a lovebird grip.

Whatever you do, don’t go with plastic as your bird could develop BUMBLEFOOT which is a disorder that affects the feet and can cause lesions and deformity in severe cases. Always opt for a natural wood perch inside and outside the cage for optimal health concerning your bird’s feet. VIP

IN CONCLUSION: feature some great wooden bird play/gym stands for lower prices than most retailers. Try to go with a natural wood as opposed to plastic or metal as it will be safer for your bird’s feet in the long run.



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