Everyone knows birds chirp and sing as a rule. Many parrot species whistle and talk, but did you know that they also LOVE to listen to music and many like to dance? Yes, it’s true and lovebirds are no exception!

A great way to bond with your bird is to sing and play music for them while you pay attention to their “moves” My lovebird particularly likes 70’s disco… but really anything with a groovy dance tempo will fit the bill.

It is really quite comical and endearing to watch them “get down” –I can only speak for my LB but she mainly bops her head around and will often do acrobatics on anything she happens to be standing on.

Of course if you can sing along with the tempo and pay close attention to how your bird is enjoying the music, it’s all the better. While SOME music is better than NO music,  just playing the radio in the backround is really not sufficient—you must focus all your attention on the bird because they love it! They are  showy birds at heart and really need an audience to inspire them. Who can blame them really?

I have several shiny disco balls around the perches that have hanging bells on the end. Most often a lovie will either chirp loudly to remind you to play DJ or they will ring the bell to get your attention! It is hilarious….

I have taught my bird to ring the bell on cue when I play “Ring My Bell” featuring Anita Ward…. talk about classic 70’s disco!  Not to mention the fact that I have created a dancing machine. HAHA

You can also WOO your bird with soft love songs most effectively if sung by you and/or along with the music. Serenade if you must.


Lovebirds desire music and interaction with their owners– it’s a great way to bond and play with your bird (especially a solo bird because they NEED that time and attention) and it’s fun for everyone!

Don’t like to sing? It’s okay just lip synch and pay attention to your bird’s reaction– it’s really all about the bonding and good energy between you and your bird.

HAVE FUN and until next time..Happy Parroting!


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