Here is a list of foods and substances that are TOXIC to your LB and must never expose them to:

  • FRUIT SEEDS (mainly larger seeds)
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10 thoughts on “TOXIC!”

  1. First I would really love to see a picture of a love bird 🙂 My good friend has a bird (for the life of me I can’t think of the type) and he has got me sold. I love birds. So with these things that are toxic for them, do we just have to keep them put away. Similar to keeping toxic stuff out of a babies reach?

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom

      Thanks for checking out the site! Yes always keep toxins as far away from your bird as possible. I cannot stress enough to keep your bird (caged or not) away from the kitchen as non-stick cookware fumes can kill any parrot. Keep air quality as pure as possible and make sure the bird doesn’t ingest any of the toxic foods/liquids

      There are pictures of Lovebirds on other posts along my site. There are actually 9 different species, but only 3 are seen in the pet trade

  2. I can understand how these can all be toxic. Does this mean that you need to keep things put away, kind of like you would for a baby? I am just curious. My good friend has a bird, and he has got me interested. I had not heard of the love bird and would love to see a picture 🙂

  3. The first two on this list are among my very favorite foods: Dark chocolate, I eat a square every day and also one slice of avocado. Both are healthy and delicious foods. Key point is that you do not over eat. Sticking to portions and exercising are key to keeping off the pounds.

    1. Hey thanks for checking out my site.

      This is actually pertaining to real African Lovebird species, which are highly allergic/toxic to this list of items

      Not pertaining to human beings in love. LOL

      I agree dark Chocolate is good stuff, just not for an African Lovebird!



  4. This is great information we had a cockatiel and only fed it a mix of seeds that was recommended I had no idea that all these items were toxic. I am not surprised as many items on the list such as chocolate and fruit seeds are also toxic to dogs. I am sure glad I never fed my bird anything other than the recommended food.

    Is it ok to feed birds other people food?

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. Actually pellets and some fresh veggies like broccoli are the recommended diet according to vets. Seeds are okay, but they are not getting the nutrients they need to live a long life. While some people food is okay, it’s not recommended
      Nutriberries by LAFEBBER’S are an excellent choice also

  5. I didn’t know that avocado was considered poison for our little birdies. I knew that it wasn’t advised for birds due to the high fat content of avocados.
    I read recently that some herbal teas are ok for birds, especially if they are sick. Do you have any recommendations on that subject?

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